Home theater setup is becoming more and more popular in modern households. Contrary to the popular misconception, in most cases home theater does not necessarily mean a costly custom installation or a lot of money. Nowadays, many renowned established manufacturers offer a variety of choices for  any system to ensure that there’s a suitable solution for any budget. Hence, almost any ordinary room can be transformed into a home theater with surround sound and high definition picture. If you want to set up a home theater and you are looking for a reliable provider in the DFW area, ACE Smarty will be happy to help!

Home Theater System Installation

When it comes to a home theater setup installation, there’s a wide selection of options to choose from. Our technicians will help you to find the right equipment for the system that suits your needs and your budget. We always test all system components to ensure that they work accordingly. Our new TV system will be connected and calibrated for the proper performance and reliable operation. Also, our specialists will make sure you have a clear understanding of what each component does and how the system works. 

Surround Sound System Installation

Your speakers (in-ceiling, in-wall, floor standing, bookshelf, etc.) will be installed professionally to ensure the best audio quality for your TV setup. If needed, our team can provide all necessary cables and hardware that will work best for your installation and equipment. Our team will also make all the necessary cutouts, patch and paint work in the installation area and then will make sure to clean up. 

Projector and Projection Screen Installation

Whether you enjoy movies, games or sporting events, every image will pop off the screen with ACE Smarty ultramodern projectors. Our technicians will expertly mount the projector and screen on the wall or ceiling in a place of your choice. Projector and screen will be calibrated for the best image quality the system is capable of. 

Custom Home Theater Installation

ACE Smarty also offers custom home theater design and installation. All the necessary steps will be taken by our specialists to ensure that your dream home theater becomes a reality. 

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