The security and surveillance system plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe. State-of-the-art surveillance systems enable you to monitor activities inside and around your house in real-time regardless of where you are, at home or halfway across the world. Using  high-definition cameras, such as PTZ, covert, long range, nanny, etc. you will be able to see who’s at the door, receive live video streams of interior and exterior areas, and even check on the children playing outside. And all of this can be done with a single touch of a button using your smartphone or a screen device that controls your home automation system. If you are looking for a reliable surveillance systems provider in the DFW area, ACE Smarty will be happy to help! Don’t be left behind, let us empower you with the latest technology innovations to secure your home.

Why Choose Us

Being the industry leading company, ACE Smarty has acquired years of expertise and professionalism to ensure the safety of our customers. At ACE Smarty, we specialize in a variety of services, including surveillance camera systems installations. Every surveillance system has a set of unique features that’s why a solution that works for everyone doesn’t exist. But you can start with scheduling an estimate with our specialists. This way we will make sure that all your requirements are accurately met. Our qualified technicians can provide and install different types of surveillance equipment including but not limited to:

  • Analog and IP cameras
  • Pointed and PTZ cameras
  • Digital and hybrid video recorders
  • Night vision indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Intercom systems
  • Dome and bullet camera enclosures
  • Real time Internet access

Our surveillance systems can be installed as a standalone system, as well as integrated into home automation setups and work in sync with other system components. Contact us to learn more.

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