The right set of curtains can lighten up any room in your home. But traditional drapes have unwieldy cables or cords that often get tangled when you’re trying to reach them, unlike a motorized drapery system that is easily operated. Eliminating curtain strings is also a significant safety factor, especially if you have little children or pets who could get tangled up in them. Don’t be left behind, have a motorized drapery system installed in your Texas home today and embrace the future of smart home technology. ACE Smarty takes pride in offering premium motorized drapery, shades and blinds throughout the DFW area. If you’ve never considered the possibility of motorized drapes in your home, we encourage you to learn more about this innovative alternative.

How does it work ?

Many motorized drapery systems come with smartphone control abilities, meaning you can open or close your drapes using an app. With motorized window solutions you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your home to save energy and protect interior furnishings, enhance comfort and privacy while preserving the exterior look. Get instant privacy from your neighbors and change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep at a single touch of a button when you motorize your drapery. At ACE Smarty, we offer a wide variety of window drapery fabric and color options available to suit your needs perfectly. We can also customize your motorized drapes to complement any décor in your home. 

Your motorized drapery system can work as a stand-alone solution or be integrated into your home automation and HVAC system. No matter which option you choose, ACE Smarty will be happy to assist you with making your home smarter. If you have any questions about installing a motorized drapery system, do not hesitate to contact us!

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