Today almost every modern household has a TV. Even if you don’t have a cable box, there are other platforms that can be easily connected to your TV like Netflix or Apple TV, so that you can enjoy a full screen size picture. But after you’ve purchased your TV, you start worrying about mounting the TV, cables and connections that are needed. Luckily, ACE Smarty offers all TV installation services that you may need. Our team can even provide all equipment and hardware that is required for your project. ACE Smarty is a leading entertainment and control systems provider in the DFW area and we are always happy to help!

Table Top TV Installation 

At ACE Smarty, our qualified professionals will inspect the installation area to make sure that the equipment will be accurately and securely placed. Your brand-new TV will be unpacked, mounted on included TV stand and expertly installed on a location of your choosing. Our technicians will ensure that all cables are organized and easily accessible. Moreover, all system components like BluRay, DVD & CD Players, etc. will be connected and calibrated to guarantee the best performance of the setup. It is our priority to provide you with the best service, so our experts always make sure to clean up the working area and after the installation is done, show you how the system is operated. 

TV On-Wall & Ceiling Installation 

These two are the most popular types of mounting. Our ACE Smarty team will assist you with finding the right type of TV wall mount brackets (Flat, Tilt or Full Motion) that fits your needs and your budget perfectly. Our technicians will inspect the installation area, unpack and securely mount your new TV in the place of your choice be it a wall or a ceiling. If necessary, the installation area of the wall or ceiling will be reinforced. Also, if possible, our experts will make sure that all cables are run behind the walls.

Custom TV Installation

If you want your TV screen to be flush with the wall then recessed TV installation is the best choice for you. Our specialists will conduct an inspection of the chosen area to ensure secure in-wall box construction and installation for the TV. However, if you want your TV to disappear completely  or turn into a mirror on the wall, then let ACE Smarty make your ideas become reality. We offer custom hidden TV installation services with a variety of mirror sizes and frames to make sure that the system suits the design of your home excellently.  

In case the type of installation you have in mind is not mentioned or you have any other questions about your TV installation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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