For more than a decade, surround sound systems have been the driving force in the consumer electronics and custom installation industry.

At ACE Smarty, we are experts in the design and installation of high-performance surround sound systems.

Surround speakers produce atmospheric, ambient sounds — such as rain drops, the rustling of leaves, or footsteps crunching on gravel. They also work with your other speakers to deliver spectacular directional effects, like a locomotive rushing by or a bullet zinging past. They help put you smack dab in the center of the action.

Listen to Your Favorite Song in Every Room

Music is a great way to set the tone at a party or to create ambience for a romantic dinner. We can connect your CD and digital music collections to speakers wired throughout your home.

Choose our Multi-Room Audio Solutions for:

  • Connecting streaming audio, digital files and your entire music collection
  • Wiring multi-room audio to multi-room DVR and HD televisions
  • The ability to run audio and video off a single remote

Whether you have a space for a dedicated surround sound system or a family room that serves multiple purposes, ACE Smarty can install the system that is right for you, your family and your budget.

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